Some of our safe openings (NDE)

Here are a few of our NDE (Non Distructive Entry) safe openings, NDE means we have picked this safes opened using specialist tools with no damage to the safes.

This Dudley safe, serviced before the key finally stopped working saving £££ on a simple yearly service.

Dudley safe

A free standing Hadleigh safe with a worn bent key, new keys cut and fully tested

Hadleigh safe

Lost keys for this Ratner fire safe, picked open non-destructively, as is our aim for every safe, new lock fitted and new keys supplied.

Ratner safeRatner safe

Unbranded steel safe opening in Walthamstow E17
Non destructive opening even on a safe which was getting changed.
Lost keys! (Maybe leave a spare somewhere off site)

metal safe

Technomax home safe opened near the Oval south London without damage to the safe or contents.

Passport inside and they were going away on holiday the next morning.

I serviced this safe and put back to full working order.

Technomax safe

Lost keys in Brixton this time


A beautiful Chatwood Milner in West London, lost combination on this safe.

This safe was manipulated opened without damage and the combination changed.

Chatwood MilnerChatwood Milner and me

This safe was locked and the key missing, i opened the safe within 20 minutes and made new keys for the original lock, serviced and back into service.


Next was a small wall safe, keys locked inside, unable to be opened by others i was called and open this safe within minutes, and another spare key was cut just in case.


Off to Norwich for this next safe, 2 other companies were unable to open this “Empire safe company” safe, stating they had to drill the safe open as it was impossible to pick these safes open, not only did we open the safe without any damage we cut 2 new keys on site and put the safe back into original working order.


Another was a double safe in Palmers green N13 Enfield.

This safe had not been serviced since it was installed and as such it failed and could not be opened even with the key, i managed to open this safe without damage, serviced and back in full working order.


Lost the code for your safe or no power to your safe?

No to worry we can open your safe and reset the code without damage.

As done on these grade 0 and grade 1 Burg Wachter safes

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